1. This Ones For All You Ladies Out There

    Check out more retro rebirths from Monsieur Velo in Barcelona HERE


  2. The French Alps

    I absolutely love this photo from Ty!

    Found HERE


  3. That “New New” At GSC

    Socks Bottles & Patches!

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  4. A Happy Moment

    Back in 2010 I quit my job and worked at a bike shop in LA.  This shop was filled with some truly inspiring people and looking back on it now, I feel fortunate to have been there. So many great friends were made in my years working in that dirty old building on Heliotrope.

    The Juice was a small bike club I dreamed up for the shop.  Our kit was also the first one that my friend Eric & I ever designed.  I remember being so proud of this kit & excited to see my friends/co-workers happy to wear them.  Its was only 4-5 years ago but these were different times as far as kits are concerned (as most of you might know).  Good stuff was hard to come by!

    One day I arrived to work (probably late) and one of my co-workers (Ace) stopped me right as I walked in the door.   He (literally) screamed at me  ”Robin Williams bought A FUCKIN’ JUICE KIT MAN!  Fuckin’ ROBIN WILLIAMS!  You’re Famous!  He really liked it! You gotta see Kyle’s photo!”.

    The times when he came into the shop Robin was super humble & pretty normal from what I remember.  He usually just talked about vintage or obscure bikes w/ Kyle, (this is Kyle’s specialty) . I doubt he knew that I was the guy who helped design his kit (or even cared).  I doubt this was his favorite jersey or that he wore it often.  He had hundreds of jerseys!  I know because he once told me “I have hundreds of jerseys”!  None of that matters to me. This photo (by Kyle Kelley) made me smile 4 years ago & it still works today.  Our buddy & also another former co-worker Omar is the guy in the background.  

    This image represents a period in my life that I really enjoyed. Where new friendships were being made…a time when my wheels started turning again (literally & figuratively).  Doing something little for someone (like posing for a photo) although trivial to you can mean a lot more than you might ever know…

    This photo means a lot to me.

    RIP Robin Williams 


  5. Behind The Scenes!


  6. Team Dream For The Ritte Women’s Team / Ass Savers

    Happy to take part in this & also really impressed with these images…Jesse’s photos came out great!

    We’ve collaborated with the Ritte Women’s Team to make their own Team Edition Ass Saver Original and are giving 100% (yes, every last Swedish Crown) of the proceeds to these super fast ladies. The funds will help them make the trip from Los Angeles to Ireland where they will participate in the five day, six stage Rás na mBan(we’re not sure how to pronounce that either…) road race against top notch teams from all over Europe.

    The design was created by Sean Talkington ofTeam Dream and features the Ritte lion along with the neon green and light blue stripes from the team’s kit.

    Help us support the women of Ritte and women’s cycling – buy one… or three (you’ll get free shipping!), and tell all your friends.

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    Photos Jess Carmody


  7. Prints You & I Probably Missed

    This event happened July 12 in London.  If I could go back in time I would definitely find a way to snatch up one of these prints!

    Bikearama print by Eliza Southwood found on the East London Printmakers website.

    Found HERE


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  9. Coming August 22

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