1. Painting Le Tour

    Im really digging these and apparently so is Marcel Kittle!

    See the full “Painting Le Tour” series by Rob Ijbema HERE


  2. David Millar’s TdF Edition Shoe

    David Millar was excluded from the Garmin squad due to illness so we wont see these in action but they sure look nice!

    See the other shoes in the collection commemorating the final year of Millar’s career at Fizik HERE


  3. In Today’s Headlines…Shit Happens!

    This applies to you too Brazil!  Now we are all left wondering and asking…#WHEREISWIGGO?  I personally hope Talansky kicks some ass!


  4. Armstrong Back In The Peleton!



  5. TdF Spirit Animals 

    What is the Maillot Jaune going to be? Maybe a shark!? By George Williams.  Found HERE


  6. This Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Bicycles…

    …or Bobcats for that matter, but “cool cats” are “cool cats”.  Who are we to discriminate? This might be our first non-cycling related content, but I hope its not the last!  

    Thank you Adria

    (Source: skunkbear, via npr)


  7. Cielo Is In The Green!

    Everything about this bike is rad.  Head to to The Radavist for more images.


  8. This Is So Cool!

    I loved educational cartoons like this as a kid and probably love them just as much (if not more) today!

    In honour of Le Grand Départ being held in Yorkshire this year, we have produced an illustrated guide to all the previous winners of the Tour de France. The illustration includes hints towards some of the famous stories from the Tour. Read on to find out the names of all the riders and some of the great stories from the Tour.

    To see/read more (including a super high res version you can click into) click HERE


  9. Les Bleus

    The pre-order deadline for The Best FFF Kit is quickly approaching.

    Photos: Kyle Kelley

    Best FFF Tribute Kit HERE

    Sacre Bleu Navy Compressor Bib “A La Carte” Option HERE


  10. English Time Trail

    The TdF has officially left England but English Cycles (located in Eugene,  Oregon) is still here!

    If you are going to be a TT nerd, then you might as well do it on one of these.  Rob English makes some beautiful bicycles. 

    I have never owned a time trile bike and chances are I probably never will BUT if i did…

    Images from HERE