1. Hell Shoes!

    These are so wild!  I love almost everything about this shoe (minus the writing on the toes).

    Read the write up by David Millar below-

    My first encounter with Paris Roubaix was as an amateur (U23) riding for VC St.Quentin. It wasn’t as long as the pro version, we started closer to Roubaix, in St.Quentin to be exact. I was sick, having raced myself into a hole the previous three months, the team still wanted me to start as I was their only hope and obviously it was a big deal starting in our home town. I did 5km, turned off the course and went straight to the little village where I lived (Morcourt), race number still on. I’m not sure how happy the team was about that, I can’t remember, probably not very.

    My next encounter was the following year as a neo-pro, Cyrille Guimard called me up a few days before and said they needed me; I didn’t want to go. I was sick, having raced myself into the ground the previous two months. The race was a big deal as the Cofidis HQ was about 9km from Roubaix. Needless to say, I refused to start, I’m not sure how happy the team was about that, I can’t remember, probably not very.

    This basically sums up my history with Roubaix, I think the Hell of the North thing has always been stuck in my head to a degree that it has become my nemesis. I have ended up starting it twice (I think) in my career. Both times I didn’t finish.

    So when I was asked by my team if I’d do Paris Roubaix at Milan San Remo three weeks ago I gave them a puzzled look, as if to say, ‘You’re joking right?’ They know me though, and reminded me it was my last year and Roubaix is such a monument of a race it would be silly not to. I told my wife, Nicole, and she said, ‘You’re not going to do it are you? You always tell me how much you hate it.’

    So here I am, getting ready to do it. We didn’t have any shoes prepared for it and only had a couple of days to come up with an idea. The VCRC Style Council out did themselves and managed to create the design, fi’zi:k as usual managed to make the shoes in record time and so I wore them for the first time in the recon yesterday, where, against all my expectations I loved the pavé. Maybe because I know it’s the last time and this year I have to finish it. Nicole is even coming up to watch, which says it all really.

    The design itself is based on the finish, the velodrome and the famous showers. This way whenever I look down I’ll be reminded that I have to get there. No giving up this year, I was telling Sebastian Langeveld yesterday that I find it easier to finish a Grand Tour than I do Paris Roubaix (starting it has actually been my biggest problem). So these shoes are about me finishing, making it through hell, for once and for all.

    Read up & see more shoes from “The Project” with David Millar & Fizik HERE


  2. Paris-Roubaix with the Ozzie’s!

    This video takes us behind the scenes with Orica GreenEDGE Team before, during and after Roubaix.   Check the crash at 7:10!


  3. Here You Go Adam!

    "Hey Team Dream, Why are there no pictures of the Mix Up Sock being worn? Sorry if this comes off lame. I know this might sound like an odd request, but I live in Australia and wondered what these look like when being worn.   Do you have any photos? Keep up the great work." -Adam

    Don’t ever be afraid to ask us questions!  Our knowledgeable staff is here 24/7 to help you with your cycling needs (that’s 24 minutes a day, 7 responded emails a week). The fact that we never really modeled these on a human didn’t catch my attention until Adam’s email showed up.  Conveniently,  Jesse shot me removing some rocks from my shoe while “on the move” last week.  Sorry Adam, no shots of the left but I’m sure your imagination can fill in the rest…

    We still have some Large & XL Mix Ups HERE


  4. The Best Bib Shorts Ever!

    We receive quite a few emails from people asking for a “heads up” when the Compressor Bibs by Endo Customs will be made available.  Well, here it is!  These have been very tough to keep in stock so they are now being offered up during our Rizzle Dizzle Jersey & Homage Vest Pre Order. 

    Endo continues to create what we believe to be the best product available & The Compressor Bib Short is no exception. People who order within the next 10 days will most likely receive their bibs by the first week of June!  Photos: Jesse Carmody

    -Made in USA…Check
    -Tighter compression fit…Check (you may want to size up)
    -Black non printable fabric that will not fade…Check
    -Pairs up nicely with any jersey…Check
    -Keeps tan lines on par with other Endo Bibs…Check
    -Unparalleled comfort to cost ratio…Check
    -One of the best looking/functioning classic bibs ever…Double Check!

    Available for Pre Order HERE


  5. The Full 36 #12

    In this roll: Night Rides, Day Rides, West LA, East LA, Middle…LA, Other Places, Rizzle Dizzle Jersey In Action, People & Stuff

    See the full roll HERE


  6. Mojave Road

    Whats Up Ty!


  7. Take The Long Way…

    Part 1- Outbound:

    I work part time at one of the best bicycle shops in the world (this is my humble opinion) but the distance from my door to theirs is quite large. Working (for lack of a better word) at GSC in Silverlake & living in Topanga Canyon means 35ish miles of road/dirt/freeway needs to be somehow crossed in order to get to the shop.  What can easily take 1 hour via a car (gross) takes 2 hours via a bicycle (so rad), so I try to go by bike whenever possible.  The good news is that nobody at Golden Saddle Cyclery actually expects me to be “on time” (on time for me is actually 15-30 minutes late…its a given at this point). This way, I am free to spread my wings and fly in whatever direction my imagination sees fit. 

    Regularly experimenting with new routes, roads and trails with little to no time constraints is a  great way to start your day. Its sort of like living in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book. Sometimes its grand, but other times you hit (literal) dead ends and end up hiking for 1.5 hours in road shoes only to get stuck on a 12 foot  barbed wire fence.  Luckily, I don’t work in the shop very often so the commute doesn’t feel overwhelming.  This means I can ride my bicycle through the Santa Monica Mountains on fire roads, single track & winding mountain roads during my “commute”. Life is good!

    Part 2- Inbound:

    Upon arriving at my destination reality usually sets in…THE RIDE BACK HOME! Then its time to settle into a nice 9 hour work day before putting on dirty old bib shorts for the (cold/night) ride home at 8:30pm. Now, I ride alone, on those same dirt roads, in the pitch black of night, waiting to be eaten by a mountain lion (how ironic would it be if I were to be eaten by a big cat?  I personally know how ironic this would be because I think about it while I ride isolated with my thoughts in the darkness waiting for P22 or maybe those new ones from Malibu to come and get me!). 

    Armed only with a set of nightrider lights that go dead thirty minutes into the ride because Christian unplugged them in order to charge his phone.  I pedal my way home as the anxiety sets in. I pedal fast! Frantically trying to outrun whatever/whoever it is chasing me, but deep down I know its a Mountain Lion. The sound of leaves moving in the wind = MOUNTAIN LION, a bird foraging through a bush = MOUNTAIN LION, a rattlesnake crossing the road = MOUNTAIN LION WHO’S FRIENDS WITH A RATTLESNAKE, a tiny infant frog croaking = well, that’s just a frog…ok, ok, MOUNTAIN LION!  

    Yeah the solo night ride home and dealing with the fact that im afraid of the dark well into my 30s is pretty awesome too…or maybe ill just call my girlfriend to swoop me up!


  8. Vision Quest!

    Here is a photo of our buddy Matt at one of Southern California’s toughest single day Mountain Bike events “Vision Quest” last weekend.  Trying to get a single speed up those nasty Orange County climbs sounds horrendous but by the looks of it he had some fun… just not as much fun as THIS GUY.

    Learn more about The Warrior Society and Vision Quest HERE

    Photos from HERE


  9. Woah Woah Woah!

    The audio on this is so amazing!


  10. Tomorrow!

    Its going to be a dusty one there tomorrow.  Speaking of dust, its time to wipe the dust off those waffle makers evertbody…LETS EAT!  On second thought, if your waffle maker has dust then you probably don’t deserve it!!!