1. You Do Not Want To Miss This!  You can go back and read the post we did on VVA HERE.

    “Victor Vicente of America had one of the very first big successful mountain bike races in the LA area and it was called the Reseda To The Sea race. This race started in 1980 at a time when most people had no idea what a mountain bike was. In fact that was 2 years before Specialized made the first production mountain bike. Gary Fisher of the Bay upset the local crowd by winning the first two races held.”

    Speaking of V.V.A., he is having a birthday ride March 10th.  I think/hope he designed this graphic.  It will be printed on T-Shirts which can be purchased for $15 though his facebook page.  For those of you that do not yet know, I suggest you do some googling and come out to ride “Resda To The Sea”.