1. Backbone

    I have been itching to try the entire (rideable) stretch of the backbone trail on a cx bike for some time now. This trail runs the entire duration of the Santa Monica Mountains & is filled with nasty nasty steeply loose rocky climbs, epic single track and endless beautiful scenery. We started at Sandstone Peak trailhead in Ventura County & ended at the Santa Monica Pier photo booth. Riding all of this on CX bikes was challenging to say the least, but luckily we ended up with a solid group of guinea pigs. Nobody complained (much) or ever talked of quitting. Instead, we laughed it off, swam (Kyle), took photos, pedaled (a few times we hiked) & goofed off all day. Thanks to Gerry for sharing his secret soda machine spot (best coke I ever had). The end result was 60 miles and a full day of pedaling with friends. HUGE thanks to my girlfriend Carla for shuttling 5 stinky dudes around. Can’t wait for the next one @kylebkelley @tytanium @skullcrusher84 @johnprolly !!!

    More photos from roll #9 of The Full 36 HERE

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