BREAKING NEWS- Provocative Photos of Instagram Superhunk Surface!

    Los Angeles is a city.  A tough city.  A city that pulls in young vibrantly ambitious male models, willing to do (literally) anything to make a buck (or a free t-shirt in this case) and get their name out.  These men are are consistently treated like pieces of hot bearded meat, all the while trading their sexuality in hopes of one day making it “Tracko Big”.  “Its sick and its cruel but that’s just the way it goes in this dirty bitch town”,  says former sex god & male model turned internet bicycle legand Sheldon BrownMr. Hollywood Ultra Romance is no exception to this rule as these new photos are the most recent in a long line of sultry images to have recently “popped up”.

    Oh… and these Chubby Bobcat T Shirts are for sale too

    Jesse Carmody Photos

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