1. Highway 2 With The Dudes

    Here are a few shots I just got back from our roller coaster ride (of emotion) to Newcomb’s Ranch.  This is the day we learned they are (now) closed on Tuesdays and guess what day this ride took place…a Tuesday!  

    Newcomb’s Ride Highlights-

    - 7 hours without food (dummy move)

    - First ride with Erin (cool dude with a cool bike)

    - Chugging a V8 & a Slurpee back to back at the almost finish!

    - Riding with brain-freeze from chugging a Slurpee

    - Barfing after chugging a V8 & a Slurpee back to back :(

    -Oinkster at the finish finish!

    See John’s photos and a proper write up HERE on The Radavist

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