1. Team Dream For The Ritte Women’s Team

    The ladies from Ritte asked me to help design a cap for their trip to Ras Na mBan stage race.  Kelli sent me the Ritte logo, asked me to match the “fabulous” font on their team kit and said “make it look Team Dreamy!”.  The caps came out pretty cool & everybody knows both TDBT & Ritte like to party, so Matt decided to have a little fun with the imagery.  Hope  you guys dig them…because I sure do! 

    The team will use the proceeds to help take them to Ireland where they will participate in the country’s premier women’s stage race Ras Na mBan which takes place over six stages in five days and covers 427km. This is the second year running that the Ritte Women’s Team will compete in the event.

    The Ritte Women’s Cycling Team is a boutique-sized assembly of determined women who share a passion for racing bikes. In a culture of power profiles, recovery tights and carbon bottle cage bolts, it’s nice to be reminded there are still girls out there who just wanna go fast and have a blast. Because bikes are fun. Riding is fun. Racing is fun. Oh, and winning races every now and then ain’t too shabby either.

    Pick up a cap, look "FABULOUS" & help these ladies get to Ireland!

    Photos by Matt Irwin!!!

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