1. Parallel Paths

    Jeff from All-City and I seem to have similar tastes.  His just happen to be about 20 years more current! Photo by Tracko found HERE


  2. How Did I Miss This!

    Im not talking about the ride…Im talking about that flyer!


  3. iPad Sketches by Shakib

    1.Le Maillot Jaune

    2.Time Trail

    I can look at Le Maillot Jaune sketch all day!  Some people don’t like loose sketches but I personally dig them.

    More from Shakib HERE


  4. 30 Meters Back


  5. Whats In The Bag?

    Just in case you were wondering what to bring on a 4 day shred fest in The Alps…

    One set of L-bend allen keys; hand pump; 4 tubes; lighter; Euros; US dollars; 5 canadian dollars; housing end caps; cable ends; matchmaker; derailleur cable; chain; EpiPen; first-aid kit; spare bolts; cleats; Time pedals; knife; rope; gloves; zip ties; T-25 torx; chain breaker; chain pliers; electrical tape; chain lube; brake pads; XX1 rear derailleur; multi-tool.

    Found on Bike Mag HERE


  6. Following Cards

    This is pretty amazing on all levels.  4 days of shredding in France. The written story, the visuals & the people!  

    Our plan was simple: We wanted to experience a mountain-bike trip that was all about getting out there, getting lost and getting it done. We’d all become accustomed to familiar trails and perfectly maintained bike parks. And usually, even when we ride new trails, we have locals along, keeping us from losing our way and often showing us the best lines. 

    The goal here, though, was to seek out old-school adventure on rugged terrain in an unfamiliar location. This was about using our mountain bikes to get us from point A to point B in a limited amount of time and with minimal support. Bad weather, poor directions, bruised bodies and battered bikes–none of this was going to stop us. 

    In the end, through the suffering of rain and cold, through the minutes and hours of uncertainty, we experienced a lot more than we’d ever anticipated. And we’re all a bit richer because of it.

    Get started w/ Day 1 HERE


  7. And This!

    John  snapped this amazing picture of Kyle on our trip up Highway 2 in route to Newcomb’s Ranch. 

    Found HERE


  8. Highway 2 With The Dudes

    Here are a few shots I just got back from our roller coaster ride (of emotion) to Newcomb’s Ranch.  This is the day we learned they are (now) closed on Tuesdays and guess what day this ride took place…a Tuesday!  

    Newcomb’s Ride Highlights-

    - 7 hours without food (dummy move)

    - First ride with Erin (cool dude with a cool bike)

    - Chugging a V8 & a Slurpee back to back at the almost finish!

    - Riding with brain-freeze from chugging a Slurpee

    - Barfing after chugging a V8 & a Slurpee back to back :(

    -Oinkster at the finish finish!

    See John’s photos and a proper write up HERE on The Radavist


  9. Fully Loaded

    Lots of stuff coming for August.  Some new, some old…all good!

    Stay Tuned


  10. From This…