1. Welcome BACK From Retirement Shaun Palmer!?

    It looks like Shaun Palmer is coming back to race with Intense Bikes. I never really got into downhill racing as a kid, but I still knew who Shaun Palmer was.  He was the best…at pretty much everything.  This video sure is weird, but I guess so is Shaun Palmer.

    If you want more details then head to Dirt Mag to read the interview.

    Get antiquated with Shaun HERE


  2. Welcome To Retirement Jens

    Everybody loves this guy for his racing style and his cartoon like charisma but his outlook on cycling is pretty rad too.


  3. Get To Know Breadwinner

    This has been up for a minute now, but somehow I missed it, so maybe you did too?  If you want know a little more about Bread Winner Cycles then check out this interview with Tony Pereira.

    BIKE: Why? What led you two to team up and create Breadwinner in the first place?

    TONY PEREIRA: Ira and I have known each other for nearly nine years. We met just after I moved to Portland in 2005. A couple years later we started riding together as part of Rapha Cyclewear’s Continental crew–a group of riders that set out to document some of the best road rides around the US.

    In 2009 we were approached by Rapha to come up with a design that they would offer as part of their bicycle collection. Over the next two years we built a few batches of the bikes and found that we really liked working together. At the same time, Ira got married and my wife and I had a son, so we were looking for ways to grow our businesses to support our growing families. We bounced around quite a few ideas and eventually decided to take what we loved (building custom bikes) and got rid of what was holding us back (multi-year waiting lists) and Breadwinner was born.

    BIKE: How’s business been since you started the partnership?

    TONY: Breadwinner has taken off better than we could have hoped for. It’s really gratifying to put your work out there and have it be accepted so enthusiastically. We have riders all over the world and it keeps on growing.

    Read more of this Bike Mag interview HERE


  4. Langtown

    Langtown 2014 was this past Saturday & it has me feeling a little sentimental.  I was at a wedding (only a few short miles from the event too!) and wasn’t able to attend.  Hopefully 2014 can live up the fun that The Sleepers captured in 2012…


  5. Slaying The Badger

    This was great.  If you don’t have cable television (like me) and have still been waiting to see this it is now up on Youtube.

    Thanks for sharing Jen


  6. TCB Saturdays

    I wrote a little piece about my friends at Topanga Creek Bicycles.  If you like banana bread (i know you do!), then click over to The Radavist & give it a look.


  7. This Is Good!

    Tom Ritchey is one of the best!


  8. Whilst We’re Talking GSC

    Late to the game w/ this but you probably don’t come here for “Breaking News” now do you.  If you haven’t yet, then take a few minutes to learn a bit more about one of the best bike shops ever!


  9. ????

    I was trying to muster up a witty caption that encompasses both of these two tees by GSC, but I guess I’m lacking brain power today…whatever.  If you have a good one in mind,  email itsmeseant@gmail.com and I’ll send you a picture of me with my shirt off…or maybe a patch ;)

    You can pick up both tees in the Golden Saddle Cyclery webstore