1. Slaying The Badger

    July 22 at 8pm EST!!!

    Lemond vs Hinault in the 1986 Tour was one of the best head to heads in race history. The fact that they were “teammates” makes it that much wilder!


  2. We’re Getting There…

    Just a quick heads up for any of you who ordered these items from the July 4th release-

    ALL PRODUCTS SHOULD BE (HOPEFULLY) SHIPPED BY THIS FRIDAY!  Team Dream is a really (like “really really”) small and humble operation and doing things correctly often takes extra time.   Thank you to every single one of you that choose to support us!!!

    P.S. Anyone still looking for a pair of the WWR Digi Camo short from swrve can now find them HERE!!!

    All photos by Jesse Carmody


  3. Don’t Be Stravasshole!

    Strava nerds, I love most of you guys/gals but you are the honestly worst!  Before the word “Stravasshole” existed we made THIS little video.  A little more subtle then the video above but you get the point…CHILL OUT! 


    Team Dream


  4. TdF Update?

    It sure has been a crazy tour this year! ;)

    Thanks Neil


  5. Eye Of The Tiger

    The Bade News- Chubby Bobacat & Tough Cat Tees are still out of stock…

    The Good News- This Eye of the Tiger Tee is now in stock at Cadence!


  6. Stage 5!

    The GC contenders may have hated the wet cobbles, but they sure made for some great racing!

    See more Stage 5 images at Steephill


  7. Pro On Pro Selfies

    Marianne Vos is my favorite

    Found HERE


  8. Painting Le Tour

    Im really digging these and apparently so is Marcel Kittle!

    See the full “Painting Le Tour” series by Rob Ijbema HERE


  9. David Millar’s TdF Edition Shoe

    David Millar was excluded from the Garmin squad due to illness so we wont see these in action but they sure look nice!

    See the other shoes in the collection commemorating the final year of Millar’s career at Fizik HERE


  10. In Today’s Headlines…Shit Happens!

    This applies to you too Brazil!  Now we are all left wondering and asking…#WHEREISWIGGO?  I personally hope Talansky kicks some ass!