1. 25 Year Old Carbon

    Last year I posted some images of a Yeti C-26 and asked the question, I wonder if anyone out there is still riding 25 year old carbon fiber mountain bikes?”

    Well, rumpfy.com aka "The Vintage Mountain Bike" has clearly been riding his C-26 along with some other great relics from the good ol’ days .  This is equally as awesome as it is scary! 


  2. Rubber Side Up John

    Here is a photo of John pushing the limits of fun a few months back.  I originally posted this image with a caption that explained how much I enjoy riding with people that push themselves.  

    Read Below about The Radavist’s new weekly photo column and don’t forget to have fun! Now when you crash your friends wont just laugh at you. They’ll take a picture (while laughing) and send it to The Radavist to be shared with the masses.   

    Last Friday, after posting Tom Robertson’s photo, I wanted to kick myself. There should be a Rubber Side Up post each week. The easiest way to select them would be to encourage you to tag #TheRadavist on your photos via Instagram, but I would encourage you to take the time to shoot a new photo, not just tag all your old shots. Any bike is cool, just try to make it unique.

    Or. If you have photos in a hoard drive, send them over

    You can only send YOUR photos or photos YOUR friends shot of YOU. I need a photographer’s name and any appropriate links. If you don’t follow those two rules, I’ll just delete the email. Don’t worry, if you send one over, I saw it, no need to follow up!

    (Source: teamdreambicyclingteam)


  3. Homage

    Inspiration at its best!  The Homage Vest by Endo Customs is also available for Pre-Order until May 5th and the matching Homage Cap is now back in stock!  Photo: Jesse Carmody.

    Vests HERE

    Caps HERE


  4. Two More Weeks

    Pre-Order Ends May 5th on the Rizzle Dizzle.  Photos: Jesse Carmody.

    Get after it HERE


  5. Single Speed-A-palooza

    West Coast bicycle racing could learn a thing or two from this video.  It would be great to see more race organizers invest in videos like this one from Single Speedapalooza.


  6. Shimano XTR M9000

    Very Cool!


  7. World Bicycle Relief

    9-year-old Griffin Donovan, Team WBR Indiana members and Ironman World Champion Jordan Rapp are making a world of difference through the Power of Bicycles. Learn how you can get involved HERE


  8. The Radavist For Team Dream…

    Or is it Team Dream for The Radavist?  Regardless, this was awesome!  

    As a consumer, I like to know the ways and means a company (especially in the cycling industry) came out. Regardless as to what my relationship is to Sean Talkington of Team Dream Bicycling Team, there was something about what he started doing last year that piqued my interest.

    So, it’s a team, but it’s not a team. It’s a team for people who aren’t on teams, which makes it arguably one of the biggest teams in the world. That’s kind of like a dream team, right? Something like that.

    When Sean began working on his Rizzle Dizzle kits, and his Mondrian Homage vest, we wanted to do a little something more than just post photos and send people over to his store. Below is a backstory, or a history as to what inspires Sean to continuously push Team Dream’s product line.”

    All photos by Jesse Carmody

    See & Read more HERE


  9. TDBT/GSC/PiNP Cap

    Team Dream and The Radavist are now selling this official last run of TDBT/GSC/PiNP caps. Manufactured by Pace Sportswear in California.

    Change often brings with it feeling of sentiment (even when its awesomely good change).  With that being said,  The Radavist is clearly like a supercharged version of Prolly is Not Probably on Redbull & triple shot of espresso, but we are still going to miss seeing that one eyed, one horned, purple loving viking. 

    Thanks for everything John!

    Available in our online store HERE


  10. If You Were Wondering What Happened To Lance?

    Not bad Lance…not bad at all.